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How to enable the Exam option in the Quarter-level Marking Period ?

In openSIS version 6.1 and 6.2, the Exam option was enabled based on dependency on the parent marking period division, i.e. to enable exam option in a Full Year the Parent Marking Period/Term needed to be fully divided into its child terms such as semesters. Thus, the dependency on the division of parent terms didn't provide the possibility to enable Exam option in the Quarter-level or the 3rd level of marking period since openSIS provides three-level Marking Period Setup.

Now, in openSIS version 6.3, the Exam option is enabled at the time of setting a new marking period regardless of the stringent dependency. It allows the user to add Exam Grades in all the term levels in the system. Hence, the Grading system in openSIS has been remodelled to include Quarter-level Exam grades on the report card. 


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