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How to assign the fees to students in school?

You may assign the fee types to students individually or multiple students at mass.

Fee (Individual)

You can assign the fee types for the students individually from here. To access this sub-menu, go to Billing >> Transactions >> Fee. Fill the information for the refined search or click Submit without any information to retrieve a list of all the existing students in the system.



Select a student and the form page will appear for that student.



Fill the information in the bottom section of the form with Fee type, Date for assigning the fee & the due date of that fee from the date picker, a comment and save it. The fee will be assigned to the student.

To search the assigned fees through this form, fill in the dates or select the period from the dropdown menu in the above section of the form and click on Go. The fees assigned for the selected period will appear at the bottom.

To waive an assigned fee, click on Waive next to the fee that has been assigned already.

Mass Fee 

To assign the fees for the group of students together, go to Billing >> Transactions >> Mass Fee.


Refine your search with proper criteria to retrieve a group of students list and click on submit. The fee form will appear with the list of the group of students based on your search.


Fill up the form, as shown above, select students from checkbox and add the fee to the selected students. The fee is now assigned to the selected students.


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