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How to make payments for students in school?

You can make payments for the various assigned fees for students individually or in a group at mass. 

Payment (Individual)

To make payments individually for each student, go to Billing >> Transactions >> Payment. Refine the search or click Submit without any information to retrieve a list of all the existing students in the system.


A list of existing students appears; click on a student’s name to retrieve the payment form. Fill the required information such as the Fee type, Amount, Date of payment, Payment type and Comment and save it.


Next, you will get a payment form just fill it up with proper data as shown and save. The payment will be made for that student.

To search the payment detail list of a particular period through this form, fill in the dates or select the period from the drop-down menu in the above section of the form and click on Go. The payments made for the selected period will appear at the bottom.

To refund a payment, click on Refund next to the fee that has been assigned already.


Mass Payment

To make payments for a group of students together, go to Billing >> Transactions >> Mass Payment

Refine your search in the student search page and click Submit. The Payment form with the selected group of students appears. Fill in the information such as the amount to be paid, date of payment, payment type and comment, and check the students and click on Add payment to the selected student. The payment will reflect for all the students that were selected.




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