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System Preferences

There are few system settings which need to be setup from System Preferences option. The following pictures show the options which can be set from here.

Set half-day and full-day minutes

It is important to set up the Full day and Half day minutes of the school. This allows the system to mark a student Present, Full Day or Half Day, for the day as per the allotted time by the administrator. For example, (as mentioned in the image below) we apprehend the student’s full day presence only after having attended at least 15 minutes of the day, whereas, student attending school for only 5 minutes is marked as Half Day present.

If your school has different attendance requirements, you may edit the minutes as per your preference. This setting actually affects the Attendance Report. If the Full day & Half day minutes are not set correctly the attendance report will not be calculated properly.

Create the school periods as per your Full day and Half day minutes time span.

Set login failure allowance count

This is number of times the system will allow a user to try logging in with incorrect credentials before disabling the account. It is advised to keep the count not more than 5.

Set allowable user inactivity days

This is the maximum number of days the system will allow a user in between logins. The system disables users who do not login for the number of days you specify in this section.

Put system in maintenance mode

This section is used when the Administrator is undergoing any maintenance work with the system and doesn’t want any other users like Teachers, Parents and Students to access the system. The admin can put up a notice here and save it. This notice automatically shows up on the restricted users’ login page holding them disabled for the maintenance period. Only the Administrator is permitted to login while the system is in maintenance mode.

To put the system in the maintenance mode, check the Under Maintenance option, then put the notice in the text area that you want your users to see in their login page and save the form.

To remove the system maintenance, uncheck the Under Maintenance option and save it.

Set Currency

This option helps the user to choose the currency for openSIS. Basically it's needed when the professional version is used.

Display Class Rank

This section is used to check/uncheck class ranks display option in various reports. By default, it is selected as NO. But, to show class rank on Students’ GPA/Class Rank list for each marking period, check the box and save it to YES and class rank will show up in GPA/Class Rank list.

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