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How to create Custom Fields for Users and Staff

For Users

Here, User is regarded for the parents. To create a new user field admin has to follow this path - Users >> Setup >> User Fields. A page will open showing the default user categories. User fields can be created under the default categories or a new category with new user fields can be created too. To create a new category, click on the (+) sign.


Give the new category a title name, the sort order and check the required user to have the access to the custom category details and click save. After saving it, it instantly shows alongside the other default category tabs.


After selecting the custom category, click on the (+) sign under the "No User fields were found" head. A custom field page opens and fill in the details as needed to appear in the User Info section.


Check the ’Required‘ option to make the field mandatory and click save with details as needed. The following image is filled with sample details for better understanding.


The new user field appears like the following in the User Info section.


Similarly, it is possible to create custom user fields under the default category tabs that have been included from before. Simply select the category and add new user fields under it. The custom fields will appear along with the default fields in the User Info section.

To delete the custom User Field go to Users >> Set Up >> User Fields select the field you would like to delete and then click on Delete at the top right corner. A warning dialogue box appears and click on OK and the user field will be deleted.




To delete a custom field category, first delete the user field (if created) under it and then the category can be deleted.

For Staffs

By the term staffs we refer to the administrator, teachers and other staff members here.

In the openSIS system, you have the inability to add custom categories for the staffs but only the fields under default categories just as we added for the users, above. To begin with, go to Users >> Setup >> Staff Fields and the categories appear in the page. Now you may add the custom categories and their fields as per the requirement for your system. [For the steps to add, please refer to the steps given above for the user fields]

Note: No fields can be added in the Schedule tab since that generates data from the system automatically. 

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