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How does the Rollover functionality work

Rollover is the functionality to move the school data from current school year to the next school year. With the help of the students who all have passed can be promoted to the next grade and failed students can be retained to the same grade level. Also all the users, courses, calendars get rolled over to the next year. When the current year is ending you will receive a message on the openSIS homepage "Rollover Required".

To rollover the school data go to Tools >> Rollover. Give the student enrollment date, School begin & end date and marking periods begin & end date. At the bottom of this screen there are a few options that you can choose to be rolled over. Few of them are mandatory, those need to be rolled over marked in grey. These check boxes are non editable. The editable ones are also inter related, like if course period box is checked to be rolled over the calendar box can't be unchecked. Check the items you want to roll over in the next school year & click on the rollover button. Rollover is an irreversible process, once it has started data can't be reverted back. So, it would be a good practice to take a Database Backup from the Back up option (Discussed before), so that data can be restored.

Student's Schedules do not rollover, in the new school year you need to re-schedule the students into the respective course periods.


To see the last years grades or attendance related data or any other details, you can flip the year back from the year dropdown.

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