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How to schedule students in requested course periods

Students can request to join a course with a specific teacher and a period of their choice from student portal / parent portal or admin portal on the student's behalf.

Student Request :

When a student wants to join a course with a particular teacher and period, they can place their request by going to Scheduling >> Student Request and search the student with proper search criteria.


The student list will come up, click on the student's name to assign their request for courses.


Now the request screen will come up. Select the subject & course, then click on Add as shown in the picture.


After the Subject and the course is selected, select the details for with/without teacher and on/not on period and save it. This is how the request is added for a course with a particular teacher and a period.


Unwanted requests can be deleted by clicking on the red cross sign just beside the requests.


Run Scheduler :

Now, to schedule the students into the requested courses go to Scheduling >> Setup >> Run Scheduler. Check the "Schedule Unscheduled Requests" checkbox, enter the course enrollment date and click on OK.


A confirmation message will show up, click OK.


Now the student is scheduled into the course that he has requested for.

If there is a period time clash or seat unavailability, system will not accept the request and shall show a warning message, leaving behind the request to be scheduled later.


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