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How to associate parents with students

To connect parents with student enter them in the primary and secondary emergency contacts of the student’s Addresses & Contact Information tab. This process is usually done while adding a student in the system. In case the parent’s information has not been entered while adding the student’s information, you may do so any time again via ‘Student Info’ under ‘Students’ menu.

To associate parents with students, go to Students >> Add a Student >> Fill in the student’s informative tabs and reach to Addresses & Contact.

Fill the Primary & Secondary Emergency Contacts information like the following.




If a student already has a parent connected, instead of entering twice for the second student of the same parent, you can use the look up functionality and just connect that parent that already exists in the system.

On clicking Lookup, a search screen pops out and you may find the existing user from the system.

After filling the information of the parents, you may give them a portal access by checking the portal user checkbox. Portal access will allow the parents to view their children’s daily schedule, grades and attendance.

Enter user name and password to give portal access to the parents and save the information.




The parents will be associated with the students and to view the parents information, go to Users >> Parent >> Parent Info.

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