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How to Re-enroll Students

Student Re-enrollment option is used to enroll a dropped student. Sometimes, students drop out from school & re-enrolls again into the school. When a student is dropped from the school, openSIS keeps that student's data as an inactive student. In this case, if you again create the same student's data there will be two students with same data but with different student ID. System will consider them as separate individuals. To avoid this, we need to use Student Re-enroll to re-admit the dropped student.

For instance, this student is dropped out of school on 21st Jan 2020.



Now, if he wants to join again. To re enroll him go to Students >> Student Re Enroll >> Search for that student with proper criteria or you can do the same for a group of students too, if required and click Submit.


A re-enrollment form will come up. Give the Start Date, Grade & Enrollment Code details. Then select the student or a group of students by checking the box beside their name and click on Re Enroll selected students and the selected students will be re-enrolled in the school with the details that you have filled in.


The student again becomes active in openSIS with the previous ID. Now system will consider him as an existing student and not as a new student.


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