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How can Admin take attendance for the Students

To take attendance on behalf of a particular Teacher admin has to follow this path Users >> Teacher Programs >> Take Attendance. Then it will give a search box. Search for the particular teacher with the criteria or do a blank search to get the list of teachers in the school.


From the list of teachers, select the particular teacher. 


You will get a screen where from the top left hand corner you can select the Course Period and select the date for which he wants to take attendance. Now he can enter the attendance status for the students into the selected course period and click on save. 


If admin wants to take any other days attendance the date needs to be changed as per requirement and then attendance can be taken.


When the date is changed, an alert message will be displayed.

If a wrong course period has been selected in which the attendance setup is not done, teacher will receive an error message marked in red.


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