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How to create Custom Fields for Students

openSIS allows the users to create custom fields for students. Apart from the default system fields, users can create custom fields and categories as per their requirements. Custom fields can be added under a few default system fields, like field "Section" can be created under Demographic tab and a custom category can also be created like "Hobby" & you can add fields under it. The fields can be styled in many ways like a Text, Dropdown, Date, Multiple selection, etc.

To create a custom category, go to Students >> Setup >> Student Fields. Then click on the (+) sign marked in red in the screenshot.



A new Custom Category named Hobby is created.
To add Custom fields under Hobby, click on it; then click on the (+) sign marked in red.



Now a form will appear. Give the field title; select the Type of the field from the dropdown menu marked with an arrow in the screenshot. If the "Required" box is checked the field will become a mandatory one. The field can also be hidden by checking the "Hide" box. After giving all the required details save the changes.






Now, you can see the Custom Category & Field are added in openSIS easily from front end, without any coding help. See how it looks,




You can create such custom categories & fields in openSIS for the Student module like this.

Also a custom field can be created under a default system category. You can create custom fields under General Info. To do so select the General Info (default category) and click on the (+) sign marked in red. Then the same form as described above will show up. Fill up the details as per requirement and save the changes. A custom field is now created under a default system category and again without any help of coding knowledge.





Now, check the custom field created under the default category and it will appear as the following in the Student Info section.



A required Section field is created with the options entered while creating the custom field.

How to include Custom Fields in student search page

You can also search the student data with the custom fields. Go to Users >> Preferences >> Student Fields; you will find the custom-made categories & fields already available here. Check the box below ‘Can Search’ and ‘Save’ the details. This will enable the users to search the students with input of the custom fields in the search screen and retrieve results based on those field values.



The custom fields are in the student search screen and student list can be generated by the custom fields.



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