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Adding a new staff

To add new Staff (Admin, Teachers and other Staff) in the system, go to Users >> Staff >> Add a Staff.


Five category tabs appears to fill in details for the staff user such as Demographic Info, School Information, Addresses & contacts, Certification Information and schedule. These tabs are provided by default and you may add new custom categories too for staff information as per school’s requirement.

Demographic Info

Fill in the required demographic information especially including the asterisk marked sections which are mandatory; then click Save & Next. You will be re-directed automatically to the School Information since it is mandatory and is equally important for a staff to be added in the system. Hence, it needs to be filled with much attention.

After saving, demographic info page looks like the following.


School Information

Fill in teacher’s school enrollment details and teacher’s portal access information here and click Save.

In the category and profile option, choose the user category and its profile carefully as you may choose teacher, admin or any other staff profile depending on the staff the school requires to add.


After saving, the multi-school database appears and you can give access to selected schools for the teacher from here and click on Save again.

With the completion in filling details for school information, the staff gets added to the system; albeit, you may add the following tabs information too for better staff records.

Addresses & Contacts

Fill the Home address, Mailing Address, Contact Information and emergency contact information for the staff user and Save it.


Certification Information

Fill in the staff’s certification details that serve as an addition to the records and better knowledge of the staff.



This section is auto-generated by the system after the teacher is scheduled in various course periods in the school and the details selectively appear for the teacher profiles only.



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