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How to drop a single or a group of students from a course period

When a student wants to leave a course period he was enrolled into, you need to drop him from that particular Course Period. In openSIS, even after dropping the student from the course period the attendance & grades entered will be kept for records.

Single Drop :
To drop a student from a course period go to Scheduling >> Student Schedule and search the student giving proper search criteria in the student search screen. Now, select a student and give the drop date in marked area & save it and the student will be dropped from that particular course period.


This course period will not up show up in the Student's scheduling after dropping the student from that course period.

If you want to search the course periods the student was scheduled into or to view the dropped course info click on the "Include Inactive Courses" option. This will fetch the dropped course details.


NOTE : The day you drop the student from a course period, system will consider that day as his last class in the course. You can reschedule him in another course which runs on the same meeting days & period the next day. As in the given screen shot the student is dropped from English FY on Dec 11th 2013. Hence he can be rescheduled to that or any other course period running on same meeting days & period on 12th Dec 2013.

Also if a student is dropped from a course period once, the drop date cannot be changed from frontend by the user.

How to delete a Student's Schedule 

When a Student is mistakenly scheduled into a course period or after scheduling students you want to change any of the course period details click on the Red cross sign beside the particular course period which you want to delete the student's schedule from.

If Attendance & Grades have not been entered for a Course period only then will the system allow its user to delete schedules in such way.



If grades and attendance have been entered then the following error will show up and restrict the user from deleting that schedule.


From the Print button the selected student's schedule can be printed.



Group Drop :

This option allows the user to drop a group of students from a particular course period in one go. To drop a group of students go to Scheduling >> Group Drop. At first you need to choose a course from which you want to drop the students by clicking on Course Period. A new window will appear with all the courses, then select the particular course you want to drop the students from.




After choosing the course period click on Submit.


Now select the students you want to drop from that selected course period and give the drop date. Finally click on Drop Course for Selected Students.


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