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How do I get a Progress Report for students

When the teachers have created assignments and completed entering gradebook grades, a progress report can be created for the students. Go to Grades >> Reports >> Progress Reports. Then search the students with proper search criteria.


The student list will show up with a few options that you can select to generate the progress report.
Checking "Assigned Date" would fetch the Assignment's Assigned Date that was given at the time of creating it.
Checking "Due Date" would fetch the Assignments Due Date that was given at the time of creating it.
Checking on "Exclude Ungraded Assignments Not Due" will remove the assignments which are ungraded and not due.
There are 2 views of a progress report. "With Assignment Details" would show up the assignment details with respective scores entered and the "Totals Only" would only show the assignments totals.


Progress Report with Assignment Details :


Progress Report with Assignment Totals Only :


The progress report can be printed out and roll out to the students.

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