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Bell Schedule Setup

Bell Schedule is where admins define the various bell schedules, like Regular days, Minimum days, A-Day/B-Day, Final Exam schedules, etc., or different schedules for different days of the week, like Mon/Wed, Tue/Thu, and Fri. There's no limit to how many Bell Schedules you may define. Each school in your district has separate Bell Schedules.

Elementary schools usually don't use periods, so you need only one generic Bell Schedule. It's harmless to keep the default 7-period schedule, or you may simplify it to one period all day long — it doesn't really matter since you won't be using the periods.

For each period you may specify the start and end time. This allows it to calculate attendance more accurately, since it knows how many minutes each class is. But this is optional, so you may leave the times blank. If you use time-slots instead of period numbers, just name each period like "8:30-9:30". It is okay if you have different periods overlapping during the day. (You cannot have two bell schedules on the same day, so you must fit all periods into one bell schedule.)

If students meet for Advisory or Tutorial, define those as periods too. You may optionally add Lunch, Brunch, Recess, etc., to your bell schedules. Students can see the bell schedules when they login, so this is for their benefit.


Period Setup :

At first create periods according to the blocks. Here we have created 4 blocks. The short name of the periods would vary ,the time for Periods will remain the same.

Setting up the Bell Schedule Calendar :

Calendar is where you specify which days use which Bell Schedule. By default it assigns the first bell schedule every Monday through Friday, but you can remove dates add weekends. For non-school days as "Holiday", "Staff Day", or "Snow Day" don't define bell-schedules.

Now select the blocks for the calendar meeting days from the dropdown. The block days would rotate for the entire year. Here you will get the number of blocks there were created while creating periods.

Creating Rooms :

Now create Rooms from School Setup >> Rooms.

Creating the Course Periods :

The initial setup of creating a course period is the same with the normal course period creation. However, selecting the correct calendar is necessary to setup a proper course period. After giving the short name, teacher, calendar, seats, grading scale, marking period & takes attendance click on Continue.

Now the next part of the course period screen will come up with the Room, Block & Period Short Name combination.

While creating the course periods we will take 1short name in different blocks with specific rooms. So the chart will look like,

Continue creating bell scheduled course periods as per your requirements. After you complete creating the course periods which is running on Bell Schedule the Class Routine will look like following.

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