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View Parent and Staff Info

Parent Info

Parents are users that are associated with the students and therefore, there is no need of adding parents individually to the users list. Hence, only the need of viewing their information prevails. On the other hand, if we add custom categories for parent’s information, then only for the custom categories the information needs to be filled from the Parent Info section. To access it, go to Users >> Parent >> Parent Info and the search screen will appear allowing input of valid parent search points and click Submit.


A list of parents shall appear who are associated to their children and have been given access to the parent portal. Click on any Parent user to view their Info.


The default information that has been entered through the student’s information section as well as the student associated with the parent appears here.

If you want to add any changes to the details, you may do so by re-entering the new details and clicking on save at the bottom.



Staff Info

Staff is termed for all the users except Parents in openSIS system. To view Staff Info, go to Users >> Staff >> Staff Info and the search screen will appear allowing input of valid staff search points and click Submit.


A list of Staff users appear on the page. Click on any staff to view their Info.


Now, access the Staff Info which is categorized in 5 tabs. Select each tab to view the info.


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