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How can teachers enter extracurricular

Teachers can set extracurricular eligibility on the basis of the grades scored by the students in their respective course periods. This gives the administrator a greater understanding before adding any activity for selected students. Hence, select the subject, course & course period from the top panel for which you want enter the extracurricular eligibility. 

From the portal menu, go to Extracurricular >> Enter Extracurricular to enter the extracurricular eligibility.


There are 2 ways to enter the extracurricular:

1) Use Gradebook Grades: Using this option, the students will be given eligibility for the extracurriculars based on their grades earned in assignments. 

2) Manually enter the eligibility: In this option, you can individually decide for students and set their eligibility for the extracurricular activities in school. This also allows the users to set the eligibility on the student's behavior analysis.


On clicking save after entering the extracurricular, the eligibility codes get saved. 

Once the extracurricular eligibility is entered by the teacher, these eligibility codes will appear in the admin's Student Screen page (Admin Login >> Extracurricular >> Student Screen) so that admin can refer to all the eligibility codes with respect to the student's course periods and then add any activity for the student.


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